Auction Boot Camps


Expand Your "Auction" Knowledge!

Benefit Auction BootcampsWere you "volunteered" to be the auction coordinator and have no idea where to start? Think you know everything there is to know about benefit auction development and management? Challenge yourself!

Like any other specialty market, the mechanics of benefit auctions continue to evolve to keep the presentation exciting and fresh for those who attend your event. Many of the top benefit auctioneers that support Auction-Tracker provide training that is comprehensive and full of great take-away information. Given the state of today's economy, Auction-Tracker users continue to look for as many near zero-dollar cost opportunities as possible for maximum revenue generation.

The following professional, certified benefit auctioneers hold training sessions that are truly engaging and actually fun to attend. Cannot find a live seminar near you? No problem! Some of these professionals offer live online seminars as well. Training sessions are generally offered in the Fall and Spring. But check back frequently as classes are posted at various times.

West Coast

Stokes Auction Group, Inc. Mr. Jeff Stokes
Stokes Auction Group
Edgewood, Washington


Sterling Auction Services Mr. Sterling Strathe
Fundraising Auction Spec.
Iola, Wisconsin

East Coast

Kingston Auction Company Ms. Kathy Kingston
Kingston Auction Company
Hampton, New Hampshire