À La Carte Services

Support ServicesIn today's software market, it is not enough to deliver the markets best software. Add-on services that educate a user, allow users to be productive from any location and process payments quickly and easily, for example, are just a small part of what compliments good software to make it great. Northwest Software offers its Tracker-Series end-users a suite of optional add-on services À La Carte. Users are not forced to select services they do not want. Rather, we provide choice.

At Northwest Software we do not believe in "one size fits all", nor do we believe in being a "master of all trades". Software companies that adopt these philosophies ultimately fail as eventually, something of significance falls through the cracks. Northwest Software believes in end-users having a choice in the services they wish to engage. In other words, What's right for you. We also believe that working with the best of the best that the event fundraising market has to offer furthers our end-user's right to choice. Every event is unique. Each event is successful on its own terms. Auction-Tracker's design, it's complementing services and partners reflect this understanding. Our goal is to see you succeed!

After-Market Services Include

  • Application Technical Support - A variety of paid and no charge options are made available to our user community.

  • Application Cloud Hosting - For secure, 24/7 Internet access to your Tracker-Series application.

  • Auction Night Consulting - Northwest Software's popular auction services program.

  • Paperless/Electronic Bidding - Take your next silent auction "Green" by eliminating the bid sheet.
Don't see an event fundraising service listed that you need to make your event even more successful? Checkout our partner pages and/or contact our office at 855.245.7500 or via email at Let us know what you're looking for. Our staff has access to a number of market resources in the United States and Canada.