Auction-Tracker Application Suite

Thank you for your decision to purchase the Auction-Tracker Application Suite. Please read the following information as it pertains to the license you are about purchase.
  • Our applications are purchased under traditional software licensing. Use for as many events as your organization wishes to engage year over year.

  • No annual license fees or percentage take per event as a fee to use our software.

  • No mandatory long-term contracts for purchasing our software is required.

  • No charge for application "updates". All updates are provided free via the application's update sensing and interactive web-based updating service. This makes delivery quick and easy with the click of your mouse.

  • Comprehensive application support that includes phone, email, online support site and community.

  • Two options from which to select; Multiuser Release (full network release with unlimited user connections) or Single-User Release (single computer, non-network release).

  • Shipping is provided at no additional charge.


Auction-Tracker v7.00 Event Fundraising Software

eBid-O-Gram Electronic Bidding Software

Washington State Organizations Note: Due to the State Destination- Based Tax Law, your order will be billed separately for state sales tax.