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MyEvent Registration MyEvent Registration ® v1.50
The Tracker-Series | Generation 3

Tracker-Series Integrated Online
Registration and Giving Event Sites

Give Your Valuable
Data A Permanent Home

MyEvent RegistrationWhy waste time with spreadsheets full of raw data from registration sites that forget about you when the contract is up? Now the online registration and giving data you have worked hard to collect has a permanent place to call home with MyEvent Registration and Auction-Tracker.

MyEvent Registration is a full-featured web service that accepts an unlimited number of reservations in a variety of ways. As a bonus, collect event based cash gift and sponsor dollars that add to your event’s bottom line.

Simple One Page Design

All aspects of the registration/donation process are presented on a single webpage for simple navigation, easy completion and payment by the patron or third party payor. Patrons always know where they are in the registration process because second guessing is eliminated! Accept reservations for single or multi-day events in any quantity and level, as well as event related financial gifts, and your patrons pay for them all at once.

Easy Site Setup

MyEvent Registration provides a simple plug-in design that is easy to configure and instantly call your own. Your site can be up and running in minutes (Templates will even show you where things go when your site is delivered!)

Professional Look With Minimal Effort

With our Plug-in design, easily create a professional site by customizing with colors, banner, sponsor images and receipt logos. Auction-Tracker users never have to learn how to build websites just to collect an online reservation!

Manage Single or Multi-day Events

MyEvent Registration provides the same multi-event management features as Auction-Tracker and the Tracker-Series suite. Manage events that are either single or multi day from one site page.

Much More Than Event Registration!

MyEvent Registration offers the ability to extend the financial reach of your event by offering online giving alongside your attendance opportunities.

Integration For Absolute Data Control

MyEvent Registration represents Phase II of the My Event Community project. Like other add-in components, the site allows Auction-Tracker to manage all aspects of key data elements; in this case, registration and sponsorships. It communicates with the site to send and receive important data as well as maintain integrity with existing data stored in Auction-Tracker.

With Federal Tax authorities tightening their grip on receipting and reporting laws Tracker-Series application users remain in control AND in compliance!

Application Requirements

MyEvent Registration requires the following applications and services to implement:
  • Auction-Tracker v7.00 or Newer
  • iExpressPay Advantage Card Processing Service
  • Internet Access For Data Transfers and Site Maintenance

Purchase Options

MyEvent Registration is a part of the à la carte services offered by Northwest Software Technologies and is billed as a separate service on per event basis.

Auction-Tracker's interface to the registration service is incorporated as a functional component of the software and provided FREE OF CHARGE.