Cloud Application Hosting


Simplify Your Staff and Volunteers Efforts

Add the convenience of secured 24/7 community access with no additional learning curve!

Convenience and Flexibility

Cloud Hosting ServicesVolunteers offering their time and talent but cannot afford the time and expense of traveling to your organization's office to help but can work from home on their terms? Are you a staff member that requires the ability to work from your office, home and/or the road? Access your copy of Auction-Tracker and related services on the cloud from any Internet connection, anytime day or night!

Centralized Data Management

Auction-Tracker operates in multiple locations by design; from the desktop to the cloud. No matter what platform is used, Auction-Tracker is the same, eliminating the need to learn multiple applications to accomplish one goal. Moving from one platform to another is quick and easy using simple .zip backup technology.

Private Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are dedicated and configured solely for our user community and their Tracker-Series software. They are not shared or accessible to other markets.

Enhanced Security

The connection over the Internet is encrypted and secure. Authentication and encryption protocols are enforced. Sensitive data is hidden from other users, but made securely accessible to appropriate users through the server. Users who do not have proper permission to establish a connection with the server simply cannot access your data!

Fast and Reliable Connections

Northwest Software's servers are connected to fast and highly-reliable Fiber-Optic connections to the Internet. Speeds are scaled to meet the data processing demands of our user community.

Managed Services

Our staff sets up your software and manages all aspects of the installation; including initial program installation, data setup and keeping your application current. Data backups are performed nightly and stored in a secure location.

Disaster Recovery

As an added benefit, data is also stored long-term for added protection and recovery should your organization suffer an unforeseen event such as a local catastrophic computer crash.

Affordable/Flexible Pricing

Our staff understands event fundraising and offers two pricing options for application hosting with your budget in mind: Month-To-Month and Annual. Choose the option that best fits how and when you prepare your event.

For complete information on Internet implementation of your Auction-Tracker software application, contact the sales team at 425.252.7287 or