Financial Ledger

Financial Ledger v4.00 Cover Financial Ledger ® v4.00
The Tracker-Series | Generation 3

Integrated Financial Management
For Tracker-Series Applications

Financial LedgerDesigned to work with all Generation 3 releases of the Tracker-Series application suite, Financial Ledger completes the "bottom line" financial management of each event from one integrated software application. Financial Ledger's powerful "one-to-many" relationship design means simple data entry resulting in powerful reporting.

Core Application

Financial Ledger manages all aspects of expenses incurred for each event, by event. For benefit auctions, Financial Ledger includes complete management of all consignment and pre-purchase items that are offered for bid. The application's integrated design provides immediate, real-time access to all levels of event revenue from Auction-Tracker for a complete perspective of your event. Our single-entry journal design makes transaction entry a snap.

Vendor Management

Manage all vendors associated with your events. Complete management of all expense and revenue transactions as well as financial relationships by individual, selected or all events is standard. Manage vendor association and credit terms with ease.

Transaction Management

Again, by design, Financial Ledger manages all expenses incurred with putting on your event. For each expense entered manage purchase orders, order quantities, assigned vendor and more. Accept and manage multiple payments for each transaction and post by vendor, one or more payments for multiple transactions.

For organizations that purchase or secure consignment items to offer for bid, manage reserve bid and profit/loss statistics for each item in real-time. Track bidding results to see what items work and those that do not.


Financial Ledger offers a complete reporting system that includes both current event and historical analysis. A complete Statement of Profit and Loss that tallies up your event is always viewable at every stage of event the cycle. With the on-screen dashboard your current event details are always available.

In addition to reporting opportunities, Financial Ledger generates billings for revenue collection and receipts for acknowledgment. Additionally, generate letters to vendors for a variety of purposes.

Application Specifications

Financial Ledger is a Microsoft Windows based software application. To run this program, on various network and secured Internet platforms, the minimum configuration options as described for Auction-Tracker are required.

Purchase Options

To purchase Financial Ledger, a nonprofit must have purchased and licensed one or more Tracker-Series applications.

Single or Multiuser use of the application is dependent on the license installed for your Tracker-Series application. For example, if Auction-Tracker is a Multiuser license, Financial Ledger will operate as a Multiuser application.

Product Delivery

Unless otherwise requested, product is delivered on Compact Disc and includes a complete guide to getting started as well as comprehensive, electronic documentation in Adobe Acrobat format.