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Integrated Android and iOS
Electronic Bidding Apps For Auction-Tracker

Advanced Bidding Technology /
Simple Implementation

Auction-Tracker eBid-O-GramIn the rich tradition of Bid-O-Gram, which has been a part of Auction-Tracker for over 20 years, successfully used at thousands of events across North America to raise funds, comes a natural technology extension, eBid-O-Gram!

eBid-O-Gram is integrated electronic bidding for Auction-Tracker v7.00. Simple by design, key features include:
  • Traditional software licensing means the end to excessive "per event" license fees as well as revenue percentage take charges typical of this market segment. eBid-O-Gram is purchased one time under traditional software licensing, providing thousands of dollars in expense savings over multiple events. After all, who are you raising money for?

    University Lake School     eBid-O-Gram Event 1

  • Eliminates multiple data sources; eBid-O-Gram's real-time integration allows the bidding App to read information directly from and post bids, purchases and gifts to a single event management application source, Auction-Tracker.

  • Intranet design guarantees a consistent and strong private connection for all devices, eliminates security risks, eliminates network sharing with other activities in the venue. Manage up to 1000 devices at once!

  • Never miss a bid! eBid-O-Gram uses a mobile app built for the Android and iOS platforms which are installed on personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. Bidding is no longer limited to a select few! Guests can bring their own device, can borrow a device if offered or provide their bid to a host/hostess for entry. No one is left out.

    eBid-O-Gram Event 2     Kentfield Schools

  • Provide your guests with a "Get The App" landing page link from your organization's website. This provides them the opportuntity to download the App to their device ahead of your event. A welcome message is also provided. The site is located at www.ebidogram.com

  • Preservation of financial data in real event fundraising software eliminates spreadsheets, manual entry and loss of data long-term. Provides continued ability to easily analyze your year to year financial event trends.

  • Our Bid, Buy, Give design minimizes the guest's learning curve allowing more time to bid, purchase and give with confidence.

  • Simple design is usable by guests of all ages, increasing participation and acceptance.

  • eBid-O-Gram incorporates automated notifications including, outbid, guaranteed bid, items closed, purchase inventory status and more to keep your guests fully informed of bid and purchase status.

  • Fully scalable, can be used without vendor on-site if desired. On-Site service options are available. Contact our office for more information!
Best if all eBid-O-Gram preserves and promotes the rich traditions of silent auction bidding. The real money making aspects of a silent auction!