Auction-Tracker Stage

Auction-Tracker Stage Auction-Tracker ® Stage v3.00
The Tracker-Series | Generation 3

Multimedia stage software
Integrated Bi-Directional Interface

Empower Your Benefit Auctioneer

Auction-Tracker StageAuction-Tracker Stage v3.00 is a single-user, standalone, multimedia software application designed for use with Auction-Tracker v7.00 and later. The application is specifically designed to provide the benefit auctioneer calling a live gala event with the actual name of the guest as it relates to a bid number. This gives the auctioneer the necessary information to thank a bidder personally by name.

The application is designed for the individual who is volunteering their time to assist the auctioneer with the live auction in mind. No functional knowledge of Auction-Tracker is required to use Stage. It is simple to setup and simple to operate. Stage requires no additional data entry or management beyond what has been already entered to date as it uses Auction-Tracker's data files.

Purchase Options

Auction-Tracker Stage, a $349.00 (nonprofit priced) application, is provided FREE OF CHARGE to all licensed and registered Auction-Tracker users worldwide.

Product Delivery

Bidder Display is distributed on all current Auction-Tracker v7.00 and later CDs. It is also available for download at our online application support center.

Application Requirements

Tracker-Series | Generation 3
Auction-Tracker v7.00 Application Database Files

Hard Drive Storage
Stand-Alone (Non-Networked) Workstation; 15 MBytes + Current Database Files

Hardware Requirements

Personal Computer - Notebook or Netbook
Intel or Compatible Pentium 4 Processor - 2 GHz. Processor Speed or Faster

512 MBytes of RAM Memory or Greater

SVGA/DVI - For multimedia implementation, a notebook computer capable of dual monitor output is recommended.

Operator's Monitor Desktop Resolution - 1024 x 768 or Higher

Stage Monitor Resolution - 1280 x 1024 or Higher (20" LCD Flat Panel Monitor Min.)

CD-ROM or USB Drive

Operating System Requirements

Single-User Release
Microsoft Windows Vista or Newer