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Application Specifications

Auction-Tracker SpecificationsAuction-Tracker is a Microsoft Windows based software application. To run this program, on various network and secured Cloud platforms, the minimum configuration options described below are required.

Operating System Requirements

Single-User Release
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Multiuser (Network) Release
Client - Same As Single-User Release

Server - Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 -or- Newer

Auction-Tracker may also be run in a Peer-to-Peer network environment using Windows 7 and newer.

Internet/Cloud Deployment
Microsoft Terminal Server or Citrix Server

Auction-Tracker is "Internet Enabled" for those wishing to operate their application from a remote server over the Internet. Host your application through our cloud hosting service or on your own.

Hard Drive Storage Requirements

Single-User Configuration
Stand-Alone Workstation; 60 MBytes + ~2 MBytes for each additional event managed.

Multiuser Configuration
Network Server (Dedicated or Peer-To-Peer); 60 MBytes + ~2 MBytes Per Event

Network Client; 2 MBytes

Hardware Requirements

Server or Workstation
Intel iCore Series or Compatible - 1 Ghz. Processor or Faster
2 GBytes of RAM Memory or Greater
SVGA, DMI or HDMI Monitor With Desktop Resolution of 1024x768 or Higher
CD, DVD or USB Drive
100 Base-T (100 megabit) Networking or Faster
Laserjet or Inkjet Compatible Printer

Purchase Options

Auction-Tracker is offered for purchase under the following options:

Single-User Release
This license is designed for those who wish to operate the application on a stand-alone personal computer.

Multiuser/Network Release
This license includes an unlimited client network license with no per workstation license fees. The user may connect as many computers to the application through the network as their needs require.

National Site Licensing
For those Nonprofit organizations looking to standardize their event fundraising management needs, Northwest Software offers a variety of National/International site license purchasing options. With more experience and event dollars managed on the national level than any other software vendor, Northwest Software brings proven market success to each site license project. We understand the relationships that exist between the national office and their chapters, and work with all parties to ensure that events are successful and the unique needs of all are met.

Site license pricing begins with as few as five licenses.

Product Delivery

Unless otherwise requested, product is delivered on Compact Disc, USB Drive or Email and includes a complete guide to getting started as well as comprehensive, electronic documentation in an online Wiki format.