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Auction-Tracker Live! Auction-Tracker ® Live!
The Tracker-Series | Generation 3

Online Benefit Auction Sites and
Integrated Bi-Directional Interface

Multiple Data Source
Management Eliminated!

Auction-Tracker Live!Many online benefit auction sites attempt to pass off online auction management as unique and mysterious, requiring special handling or simply "not the same thing as a live gala event". Want in on a little secret? There is NO procedural difference in how an online event is managed compared to a live gala event. Aside from the typical dos and don'ts, the only logistical difference of the utmost importance is where the event is actually held.

Save time, eliminate the struggle and the hassle of managing your auction data from multiple sources. Auction-Tracker Live! represents a complete and tightly integrated Online Auction solution not offered by any other event fundraising application suite. No data is left hanging or without a place to be accounted for.

Auction-Tracker Live! is two integrated components. A Bi-Directional Interface for the leading benefit auction software solution Auction-Tracker and the Online Benefit Auction website, powered by Auction Frogs, LLC online auction engine.

Integrated Bi-Directional Interface

Auction-Tracker Live!, an exclusive interface for Auction-Tracker, allows your organization to fully manage all aspects of both live gala and online events from ONE software application! Best of all? No more spreadsheets, manual import/export of your data or retyping of information.

The integration allows you to select your online auction items from Auction-Tracker, and with a few clicks in the interface, your online auction is populated with all catalog items, pledge giving levels and their associated photos ready for your online auction.

When the online auction is over, a few more clicks and all of the online guest registrations, successful bids and payments made to date are back in Auction-Tracker. All of the same great post event management tools used to complete your live gala event including post event billing, receipting, tax document preparation, reporting and thank you letter generation are at your disposal.

You procure, prepare, run the event, bill, collect and report in the exact same manner for live gala or online events.

Auction-Tracker Live!, the online auction is powered by Auction Frogs, LLC. Our partnership combines the expertise of two world-class technologies that simplifies the fundraising experience and expands the nonprofit's revenue potential.

Nonprofits hosting benefit auction events are able to host both live gala and online auctions while easily managing all aspects of all events from one suite of management tools. Auction information is managed from a single data source. This gives the fundraising staff and volunteers more time to focus on soliciting donations and marketing the events - creating a higher return for the organization.

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User Friendly, Online Auction Platform

Execute an effective online auction event that will draw more bidders, more auction items, and more sponsors with less effort than a traditional live gala event. Our staff members and extended network of experts provide the knowledge, tools and resources you need to create your own online auction easily with a comprehensive approach to coordinating and administering all phases of your online auction event. Assistance is provided at every step to ensure a successful online event fundraiser.

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Virtualization of The Silent Auction!

Guests who attend your gala benefit auction have acquired, through best practice, a level of expectation when it comes to how you want them bidding in a silent auction. Why reset that philanthropic expectation when you hold an online auction? Auction-Tracker Live! virtualizes the traditional gala silent auction to ensure continuity from event to event. Key silent auction information includes:
  • Catalog Items are presented with catalog numbers

  • Guests use bid numbers to bid on catalog items

  • Complete item descriptions and restrictions are used to present items

  • Minimum Bid, Raise and Guaranteed Bids (optional) maximize revenue
Factor in online advantages such as longer bidding times and a larger audience and watch your bottom line grow!

Purchase Options

Auction-Tracker Live! is provided FREE OF CHARGE and is incorporated as a functional component of Auction-Tracker. The hosting of an online auction site is charged for on a per event basis.