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Application Details

Auction-Tracker DetailsAuction-Tracker provides "total" event management, from start to finish, in one application. Here are just some of the comprehensive management tools found in Auction-Tracker that builds your event for success.

Core Application

A powerful "one-to-many" relationship design means simple data entry resulting in powerful reporting. Managing multiple events under one database means your organization has a complete and comprehensive 360º picture of your event over many years.

Constituent Management

Uniquely manage constituents, their relationships and participation as Donors, Guests, Solicitors, Sponsors, Volunteers from a single database record. You control the amount of information to be managed while building towards your event. Our constituent management module serves as a great cultivation tool for identifying constituents as long-term contributors to your organization bringing exponential growth.

Goods and Services Management

More that just live and silent auction management, substantially expand your auction revenue with any or all of Auction-Tracker's proven zero dollar cost opportunities. Non-Catalog items (items sold in quantity - not offered for bid), Fund-A-Need, Bidding Frenzy and Wish List provide ample opportunity for guests to further support your mission.

Pre-Event Sales

Get the party started early by offering participation opportunities such as raffles, drawings, party sign-ups and Fund-A-Need giving without bid numbers through our pre-event sales module. Full billing, receipting and comparative reporting are a part of this great tool.

Auction Night Checkout

Considered the best in market, our auction checkout module is powerful yet very simple to use. Our real-time bid entry module allows for quick and accurate recording of all live and silent auction bids as well as purchases, Fund-A-Need and Wish List gifts. Incorporate the ExpressPay experience with iExpressPay Advantage card processing to give your checkout a professional result. Checkout is the last component of your event your guests experience. Let Auction-Tracker give them the positive experience that will make them want to come back.

Federal and State Tax Compliance

I.R.S. compliant tax receipts for reservations, sponsorships, donations and auction purchases are easily generated. Receipts are designed based on federal substantiation laws, helping to ensure compliance with federal tax reporting requirements.

For state and local tax collection, configure and manage an unlimited number of user-defined tax rates based on your state’s regulations. Amounts are charged accordingly for easy collection.

Compliance with Revenue Canada and Taxation Australia tax regulations is also provided!


Produce and distribute all invoices and receipts required to maximize revenue collection and comply with charitable contribution, substantiation and disclosure requirements. Print all documents any time as required. Have a constituent who is being audited and requires tax documents from years past? No problem! All documents are readily available for all events managed current and previous years as required by federal tax law. Record retention requirements are fully met!

Reporting/Document Production

350+ application reports, defined by your peers, provide comprehensive event and multi-event historical analysis of your events. Statistical analysis and trending help to focus event planning and procurement to maximize the long-term revenue and event growth.

In addition to extensive reporting opportunities, generate your auction catalog, letters, certificates, live and silent bid sheets, bidding frenzy, fund-a-need and non-catalog item recording sheets.