Benefit Auctioneers


Masters of the Stage

imageA critical component of any successful benefit auction is the master of the stage, the professional benefit auctioneer. These dynamic individuals are the cornerstone of every successful event. Trained and licensed in the art of event fundraising, the individuals listed below understand the art of raising money from any kind of audience. Some are grand masters of their craft and have held or currently hold the title of "National Calling Champion". The National Auctioneer's Association's highest award.

Northwest Software is pleased to be associated and have it's benefit auction management application recommended by these professionals. Ready to maximize your next benefit auction event's revenue? You have landed on the right webpage! We encourage you to talk with these masters of the stage.


Westcoast Auctions Mr. Tyler Olson
Westcoast Auctions
Vancouver, British Columbia

United States

Beahm Auction Group Mr. Ty Beahm
Beahm Auction Group
Rocklin, California

Ken Carson Creative Mr. Ken Carson
Ken Carson Creative
Seattle, Washington

John Curely Auctions Mr. John Curley
John Curley Auctions
Seattle, Washington

Dinardo and Lord Auctioneers Mr. Tom DiNardo
Dinardo and Lord
Seattle, Washington

Larry Flynn Auctioneers Mr. Larry Flynn
Flynn Benefit Auctioneers
Boise, Idaho

Holiday Auctions Mr. Matt Holiday
Holiday Auctions
Spartanburg, S. Carolina

John Curely Auctions Mr. John Curley
John Curley Auctions
Seattle, Washington

BenEvent Auctions Company Ms. Dee Dee Kiesow
BenEvent Auctions
San Jose, California

Fantasy Fundraisers Ms. Renee Jones
National Fundraising
Chicago, Dallas/Houston

JSL Auctions Mr. & Mrs. John & Shelley Lumm
JSL Auctions
San Ramon, California

Performance Auction Team Mr. Pat O'Brien
Performance Auction Team
Kenmore, Washington

Sentry Benefit Auctions Mr. Frank Trunzo
Sentry Benefit Auctioneers
Plant City, Florida

Doug Sorrell Mr. Doug Sorrell
Sorrell Auctions
Dayton, Ohio

Stokes Auction Group, Inc. Mr. Jeff Stokes
Stokes Auction Group
Edgewood, Washington

Sterling Auction Services Mr. Sterling Strathe
Fundraising Auction Spec.
Iola, Wisconsin

A Higher Calling Mr. Toney Thornhill
A Higher Calling Benefit
O'Fallon, Missouri

KT Auctions Mr. Kevin Troutt
KT Auctions
Boise, Idaho

Walker Auctions Mr. Lance Walker
Walker Auctions
Memphis, Tennessee