Enhance and Engage!

While Auction-Tracker is well known for providing the most complete long-term management of your event in one comprehensive application, get ready to expand its functionality with powerful add-in components. Our add-in components are designed to engage your audience, expand your events reach and offer that personal touch to make your patrons feel special and welcomed!

No matter the size of your event, there is an add-in that will enhance your event's experience and take it to the next level.

Auction-Tracker Stage
Empower your benefit auctioneer with the magic touch of knowing your patrons with Auction-Tracker Stage. Bidders just love to be personally recognized during your live auction!

Auction-Tracker Live!
Not all online benefit auctions are cut from the same software design concept! Auction-Tracker Live! is the true benefit auction approach to online auction events. Integrate with Auction-Tracker and you get the only potent one-two combination for integrated live gala and online benefit auction management in the market.

iExpressPay Advantage - Card Processing
Process your guest's credit/debit cards with deposit in two business days using the latest in Internet virtual terminal and card wallet processing technology for added security. No long-term contracts, pay only when you use the service. With our service your nonprofit is a fully authorized merchant. Enjoy a direct relationship with the card processor and all the benefits that come with it.

Tracker-Series/Financial Ledger®
Financial Ledger is designed for the "bottom line" financial management of your benefit auction events. Track expenses and event revenue from one integrated software application.

MyEvent Registration
Accept your patron's reservations, financial giving and related payments for one or multiple events with MyEvent Registration. Then perform a refreshing act! Instead of accepting a spreadsheet for manual entry of your valuable data, transfer it directly to Auction-Tracker! Why continue wasting your valuable time when technology can do it for you?

For complete information each of the Auction-Tracker Add-ins, explore the Add-ins menu, top.